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A BMW motorcycle 2020 with extraordinary capabilities

A BMW motorcycle 2020 

BMW unveiled the new model of its S 1000 R motorcycle, which received the services of a new engine, and many electronic functions. 

A BMW motorcycle 2020 with extraordinary capabilities

The German company explained that the new bike relies on the cranks of a four-cylinder engine in a strongly straight shape .

The new BMW bike needs only 3.2 seconds, to reach the speed of 100 kilometers per hour, as well as to reach the maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. 

The bike relies on a range of electronic systems such as ABS for corners, Rain, Road and Dynamic driving modes, as well as The new bike also has an electronically controlled suspension package. 

The cockpit consists of a 6.5-inch TFT screen, which provides various display options and comes with a Bluetooth interface. 

BMW Motorrad recently launched the 2019 S1000 RR. The new motorcycle is a complete update of the S1000 RR that debuted nearly a decade ago. According to BMW, this new engine is 10 kg lighter than its predecessor and more dynamic than its predecessor.

The BMW S1000RR uses a new 207 hp engine at 13,500 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm. According to BMW, the new engine produces 8 more horsepower, and the engine is 4 kg lighter than older motorcycles. That engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and BMW says the top speed it can easily achieve is up to 299 km / h.

This motorcycle will also be equipped with BMW ShiftCam technology, which changes valve timing to improve ride power. This engine delivers around 100 Nm of torque only at 5,500 rpm. In addition, the exhaust system of the new motorcycle has a weight of 1.3 kg, although it meets strict Euro-Mediterranean emissions regulations.

In terms of electronics, the new S1000 RR gets ABS Cornering, four driving modes namely rain, road, dynamic, racing, multi-level traction control system, HSC (Hill Climb Control) and two-way rapid transit system.

Another new addition to the BMW S1000 RR 2019 is a new tire called "Flex Tire". The suspension geometry has been changed to make the ride easier with increased traction and more driver feedback. The suspension has also been updated including an electronic suspension system with dynamic damping control as an option.

Another big change comes in terms of design. Asymmetric lights were ignored and more traditional LEDs were used with a more offensive front design. This motorcycle is also equipped with a new TFT data screen controller.

The tail design has a sporty and elegant look, with a new exhaust and swing arm design with tire sizes 120/70 forward and 190/55 rear with 17-inch alloy wheels.

For the first time, BMW demonstrated a "Package M" on its homemade motorcycle, dropping 3.5 kg in weight on this motorcycle and using BMW Motorsport paint patterns, carbon fiber wheels, lighter batteries, rear-drive height adjustment and Swingarm.

BMW says pricing starts at $ 15,995 for those who want to own one.



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